Marianne Solivan – The Lies Of Handsome Men

Marianne Solivan - SparkThe Lies Of
Handsome Men

From the album,
“Spark” (Hipnotic)

Released September 30, 2014

Francesca Blumenthal wrote “The Lies Of Handsome Men” in the mid-80s, and it’s been covered by everyone from Blossom Dearie to Margaret Whiting to Dame Cleo Lane. Sara Gazarek does a sweet and wistful treatment on her “Blossom and Bee” set from 2012.

But each time the version performed by Marianne Solivan comes around at, I turn the volume up a little. Sparse, bitter – perhaps, but in a more introspective way than outwardly directed.

I’ll admit that I have not listened to the whole album…I gave a quick listen to the tracks, and settled on both this one, and “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” as the two that I’d put into rotation at the little radio experiment.

Both are outstanding, but I like “Lies” better. Ms. Solivan is best when the lyrics give her a chance to slow down and fill the space.

And she does that nicely here.

“Lies Of Handsome Men” is a track that is very highly recommended.