Bianca Rossini – Vento do Norte

Bianca RossiniBianca Rossini – Vento do Norte
(Apaixonada Music/
BDM Records)

Released 17 July 2017

While I could listen to Bossa Nova all day – for the most part, it would be mood music. It is not typically the kind of music that engenders the “…turn that up, I want to hear this,” kind of behavior for me.

With exceptions. Sergio Mendes and his various “Brazil XX” groups, Astrud Gilberto, and now, Bianca Rossini.

Ten originals, all with lyrics by Ms. Rossini, opening with a strong and insistent title track, “Vento do Norte,” which manages to be both driving and tender all at once. That intimacy is what sets Ms. Rossini apart from many bossa nova vocalists – all emotion, never indifference.Bianca Rossini

As intimate as a whisper in the ear, and quite possibly as suggestive, as well. Makes me wish I spoke Portuguese.

Favorites include the slyly-titled “Tic Tac Do Amor,” the title track (“Northern Wind”), and the closer – “Coração de Ouro.”

Multi-talented producer-arranger and man of many instruments (piano, bass, strings, whistling!) Peter Roberts contributes heavily to the frame that goes around this talented vocalist. This is a third album for Los Angeles-based Ms. Rossini, which even in its most languid moments, refuses to be relegated to the background.

Very highly recommended.

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