About Me/Fine Print

Doug BoyntonI’m a marketer for a major international media organization.  I’ve been writing about female vocal artists for more than ten years, but listening much longer.

I’m also the proprietor at 62ndstreet.com, an online radio station.

I think of this as a place to share music and artists that I like, and new artists I’ve discovered.

If you’d like to use any of the posts in some other form – like to promote your music, feel free to use entire reviews, but if you want to excerpt something, please drop me a line, and we’ll talk about it.

I buy a lot of the music that’s reviewed, but I also receive review copies from promoters, and I listen to a lot of music online.  Rhapsody and Spotify are my favorite sources.

Finally, “Girl” is not a term I normally use for anyone over the age of 18 or so, but “Girl Singer” is a term I use with admiration and affection.

Thanks for checking!