Kate Reid – The Love I’m In

Damn. I keep thinking I need to go back and put together playlists that feature those singers whose work I loved at the time, but somehow, I managed to file away the disc and never listen Again.

Oh, well. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news.

Kate Reid – The Love I’m In
Released – October, 2011

I went back and read my review of Kate Reid’s 2008 release, “Sentimental Mood.”

“Impeccible sense of phrasing,” I said. “Intimate…very highly recommended.”

So why have I not listened in the past three years?

That explains why this one kind of took me by surprise. I’ve heard this woman before, I thought. Sounds a little like Peggy Lee, but the phrasing is so unique.

And there it was.

And here it is again – this velvety, smoldering voice with the phrasing that takes all these ultra-familiar tunes down unfamiliar streets that would upset mama, if she knew.

In other words, this isn’t Frank’s “Nice And Easy.”

Stellar backing by a quintet that includes hubby Steve Reid on trumpet (nice…on “Just Squeeze Me”), Chris Conner on bass, Steve Barnes on drums, Ernie Watts on tenor sax, and pianist Otmaro Ruiz on three tracks – this disc is a great addition to anyone’s collection of yummy vocal artistry.

That it took this release to remind me of the other one, was sort of like that twenty dollar bill you find in the suit you haven’t worn in a while.

It’s the lagniappe. This disc is very highly recommended.

Oh, go look it up.

Website – Facebook

Time has been elusive lately – and I haven’t had a chance to say how much I enjoy listening to the latest album from Kristin Chenoweth.  I do.  Here’s the humorous video from the single that album spawned – “I Want Somebody (Bitch About)”

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