Sherie Julianne – 10 Degrees South

Sherie Julianne - 10 Degrees SouthSherie Julianne – 10 Degrees South
(Azul do Mar)
Released – 29 July 2014

San Francisco vocalist Sherie Julianne matches with veteran pianist and arranger Marcos Silva for this handcrafted dozen Brazilian-flavored tunes.

“I wanted to find music that…speaks to my American roots,” she says, “while being immersed in Brazilian rhythms.”

The result sounds remarkably like that body of work that permeated American radio in the 1960s, that took the sometimes languid sounds of Brazil, and added a touch of drive.  The kind of music that made Sergio Mendes a very well-known name.

Ms. Julianne is possessed with a delivery true to those times – bright, yet sensual.  She handles the pace brilliantly – losing neither the intricacies of the language nor the rhythm in the uptempo set.

Sherie JulianneThis is a stunning debut effort.

Mr. Silva arranges and performs on keyboards; joined by Scott Thompson on bass, Jeff Buenz on guitar, sax and flute by Mary Fettig, and Phil Thompson on drums.

Bonus points for a disc package that is as stylish as the music.  So good they deservedly get liner credit – the FUEL Agency, of Oakland, California.

Very highly recommended.


62nd Logo Two tracks from this disc added at this week – in keeping with the 60s theme (we’ll call it the “Americanization of Bossa Nova”), I’m adding two of the English-language tunes.  Listen for the Michel Legrand classic “Watch What Happens,” along with that so famous Mendes/Bergmans collaboration – “The Look Of Love.”

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review. I feel honored to sing and share such gorgeous music. I am very blessed work with Marcos Silva. He is a gifted arranger and a pianist. Your words inspired me!! Sherie

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