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Lorraine Feather – Flirting With Disaster

Lorraine Feather - Flirting With DisasterLorraine Feather – Flirting
With Disaster (Jazzed Media)

Released – August 7, 2015

Never cover material, always originals from singer/lyricist Lorraine Feather, who adds Dave Grusin to her stable of collaborators on this eleventh album. It’s a set that (for me) needed multiple listens to not only get familiar with unfamiliar territory, but to begin to appreciate the intracacies of Ms. Feather’s handcrafted work.

That’s not new – I’ve been known to take a pass on revewing her work simply because it’s unfamiliar.

And that’s a shame, because I’ve come to appreciate her individual works months – sometimes longer – after they fall into my hands.

Lorraine Feather

Not so this time.

Favorites here include the collaboration with Grusin – adding lyrics to his “Bossa Baroque,” re-titled now, “Wait For It.” I’m also smitten with the title tune, “Flirting With Disaster,” an instrumentally-complex showcase for the band that provides the musical frame for the emotion – love is always on the edge of trouble. Another favorite is the sly and funny “I’d Be Down With That.”

I’m sure others will catch my ear the more I listen.

And that task – listening more – is on the list.

Highly recommended.


Highlighted tracks have been added to the playlist at 62ndStreet Radio.