Canen – A Matter Of Time

Canen - A Matter of TimePurchased at Amazon on a whim, and added to the playlist at my little (and late) net radio project, was a tune from Canen (pronounced “cannon”.)  This young singer was unknown to me, and judging from the album cover, appears to be…at the least, in her twenties.

Sounds like that, too – the first track to make the rotation was the old Glenn Miller tune, “I’ve Got A (Guy) in Kalamazoo,” and turned the radio up each time it came around.  Looking for a video at YouTube, and found many, and got a big surprise, as well:

Now maybe, based on the video, you’re a little ahead of me – but I was surprised to do a little research and discover that Canen was all of 12 years old when this video was made.  She says it’s a tribute to her Great-Great Uncle, Barry Wood, who preceded Frank Sinatra on the 1940s radio show, “Your Hit Parade.”

I’m not one who believes in reincarnation, but there’s an old soul locked up in this young prodigy.  One who has seen and felt more Canen - Think Twicethan any 12 year old I know. Not old enough to drive, she’s made the finals of the “Unsigned Only” contest two years running.

Not for much longer, I’d wager. The first album, from 2014, is “Think Twice,” the second, released last year, is “A Matter of Time.” Both are highly recommended.


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